Borgata Nail Salon


All Borgata pedicures consist of: Disposable liner with individual nail file, buffer, and sterilized equipment after each client. Enjoy a warm salt soak, your feet will be trimmed with a detailed cuticle care, callus treatment as need. Then enjoy a relaxing foot massage and wrap in moistened warm towels, ending with a polish of your choice or natural shiny buff.

* Our foot scrubs and sacks are all made-in house with the freshest and cleanest ingredients

Enjoy our simplest step pedicure with a lavender oil salt soak to relax the mind. Using a treatment of our fresh cucumber foot exfoliant kosher salt to scrub away that dry, flaky dead skin, followed by an extended 10 mins legs massage

We designed this pedicure with your baby in mind to help with soreness and tension of carrying another human inside. Start off with our anti-inflammatory tea tree oil salt soak; followed an exfoliation of our special Epsom salts mixed with tamanu oil, peppermint, calendula infused oil, and grapefruit oil (good magnesium levels are crucial for a healthy pregnancy). This service also treats your sore feet with a paraffin wax dip treatment while indulging yourself with an extended foot rub and hot stone massage. The service includes an additional 5′ shoulder massage.


Allow your sinus to inhale in a blend of eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint essential oils with added dried herb (dried eucalyptus, mint, lavender, and rosemary with Epsom salt soak. Then pamper yourself with a relaxing 10′ feet rub and a 10″ shoulder rub to loosen up the sinus and beat that allergy


This service is meant to impress to non-stop working muscle. Embrace your tiredness feet in lavender salt soak to help alleviate muscle pain and inflammation. Dead skin is removed with a creamy coconut oil and lavender essential oil sugar scrub. This service also includes a hypo-allergenic paraffin wax dip treatment while indulging a 15′ foot rub, followed a 10′ hot stone massage. And top everything off with a 5′ shoulder massage.


Enjoin a full 75 minutes to pamper yourself with our in house mix of avocado, egg, and oatmeal mask leaving your skin hydrated and smooth. Continue this experience with a relaxing 10′ leg and hot stone massage while allowing your feet emerge in a warm paraffin wax dip. Ending this ultimate relaxation with 10′ shoulder massage

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